A thing that happens to me several times a week:
Get an Apple News alert. Tap in. Read a bit, click a link, go back, go back too far to the News home screen, lose the story forever.

There’s no history (that I’m aware of?) and Apple seems more interested in upselling their not-very-good subscription service over making the app useful.

News could be a decent product, as it stands it’s a pretty half-baked interface to their Services revenue pillar.

@jimray AND ANOTHER THING! If you subscribe to magazine that’s a subset of News Plus, but don’t subscribe to Plus, there’s no longer any way to link to that subscription.

Which is probably for the better since News Plus now breaks things like Instapaper.

So News went from an ok product with a lot of potential to another tech giant kicking the news industry while it’s down and building a shittier experience for readers. Harumphf.

@jimray I don’t understand the product in any way. And I read a lot of news


@jimray at least my newspaper subscriptions still link in there

@powerllama yeah it’s a weird loophole where the publishers who didn’t opt into News Plus are still able to offer the better News “experience”. Cool cool cool.

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