No matter what offerings are available, it is impossible for me to make a good salad at a salad bar.

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Dover Amps had all their stuff stolen from NAMM. If you move within these spaces, keep an eye out.

It’s been almost five years but I still expect album drops on Tuesdays instead of Fridays.

Stabbing Westward released a new EP and while I’m not wild about it, it has led to an increased rotation of their early stuff and a bunch of other stuff I used to listen to.

Summoned two different lyfts today, both drivers were named Raul.

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Movie Idea: Ghost Mustard

A family moves into a new house and then strange things start to happen, blah blah blah, it turns out their mustard is haunted because its soul has unfinished business.
i don't have an ending yet. Maybe something to do with soy sauce.

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If you're a computer programmer and you've heard of the Dat protocol but looked at the docs and still scratched your head (I was there myself a few months back), there's a new guide that explains in very clear, very detailed language what Dat is and how it works.

Just to be clear, I do not recommend it for non-programmers as that is not the intended audience but I *highly* recommend it for programmers:

Hey Hulu, don’t show an advert for “Killing Eve” containing major plot points when someone is watching the pilot episode.

Good record appreciation day:

Peach by @deerful

Available for all your listening and purchasing pleasure at Bandcamp:

Have we ever talked about how Don Bluth might be a criminal?

This is a good price for either of this fun movies, it’s a great price for both of them :

I haven’t seen Hell or Highwater, but I’ve heard it’s good. And I highly enjoyed Sicario, so I’d still recommend this as an incredible deal :

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just yawned so hard I drooled a little

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You're not alone. Confidential help is available for free.

Available 24 hours everyday

You. Are. Not. Alone.

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