I got yesterday’s (very popular) song on the first, and am humbled by not being able to get today’s at all.

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My team at work is looking for a Ruby on Rails engineer!

At Meedan we build software that helps fact-checkers at news organizations coordinate their work. Meedan has been a remote-only company for ~15 years and is quite good at it. Check out the job post here:


Feel free to DM me if you have specific questions.

Another Heardle on the first guess. Missed yesterday’s and I’m sad about it

Got today’s Heardle on the first go. It makes me feel a lot better than yesterday’s, which I couldn’t name.

No matter what offerings are available, it is impossible for me to make a good salad at a salad bar.

health questions 

Anybody have any sweet tips for an endoscopy?

Dover Amps had all their stuff stolen from NAMM. If you move within these spaces, keep an eye out. instagram.com/p/B7TymSAH_RW/

It’s been almost five years but I still expect album drops on Tuesdays instead of Fridays.

Stabbing Westward released a new EP and while I’m not wild about it, it has led to an increased rotation of their early stuff and a bunch of other stuff I used to listen to.

Summoned two different lyfts today, both drivers were named Raul.

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Movie Idea: Ghost Mustard

A family moves into a new house and then strange things start to happen, blah blah blah, it turns out their mustard is haunted because its soul has unfinished business.
i don't have an ending yet. Maybe something to do with soy sauce.

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If you're a computer programmer and you've heard of the Dat protocol but looked at the docs and still scratched your head (I was there myself a few months back), there's a new guide that explains in very clear, very detailed language what Dat is and how it works.

Just to be clear, I do not recommend it for non-programmers as that is not the intended audience but I *highly* recommend it for programmers:


Hey Hulu, don’t show an advert for “Killing Eve” containing major plot points when someone is watching the pilot episode.

Good record appreciation day:

Peach by @deerful

Available for all your listening and purchasing pleasure at Bandcamp:


Have we ever talked about how Don Bluth might be a criminal?

This is a good price for either of this fun movies, it’s a great price for both of them : itunes.apple.com/us/movie-coll

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