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According to this vacation, Spain has rocketed up my “places to live if not in the US” list. It’s so god damn nice

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if y'all don't think panic x teenage engineering is the greatest possible collab ever, i don't know what to tell you

Gotta think up a name for my soundcloud. Not everything can be “powerllama”

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Sekiro whining 

Fuck this fucking piece of shit game it’s so god damn hard

Sekiro is very hard, and it’s a lot harder when you walk right past the tutorial guy and try to fight everyone in sight

Meant to put a ✌️not a 🤞 but oh well

4 Apex wins today, feeling pretty good about it 🤞

I saw that last boost and instantly felt transported back in time. Thanks @vga_dreams

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Hoooooly shit I just got a newsletter from @jimray

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cw: weight loss 

two types of pain medication and physical therapy for the next two months

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