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The title sequence for Patriot season 2 is bad, and they should have kept the title sequence from season 1

Winter solstice + full moon = great time to do some drugs

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all of the iPad Pro USB-C hubs are dumb and bad. Why would I want a heavy thing hanging off the side of my iPad with cables dangling off of it? Put it on the desk

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Bowled my best game EVER last night, 186. I was on fire! Bittersweet that it wasn't during league play, though.

Aaaaaand there goes my Facebook account. Goodbye and good riddance!

Simple homemade soup is one of the great pleasures in life

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uber is still alive after systematically doing opposition research into sexual assault victims and killing a homeless woman with a car that they intentionally disabled safety features on, so I'm not gonna hold out a ton of hope for the talent war

December 1st and the good weather finally decided to show up

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*slaps roof of the Weekly World News* this bad boy can fit so many aliens in it

Whataburger burgers are almost better the next day don’t at me

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