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dudes just want one thing and it's weird keyboard layouts

Ok what the fuck I think just binge watching on Hulu skipped multiple episodes. That’s what I get for not using Plex

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What the fuck the end of this episode switched over to log mid shot

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It’s too cute by half a lot of the time but I really like it anyway

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*to the tune of White Lines*
White wiiiiiiine
in my glasssss

still can't believe the LAPD blew up an entire fucking neighborhood last year and absolutely nothing came of it
CW for this link, there's a fairly graphic image in there

yesterday i couldn't even see the comically large E on the eye chart

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Everything was super foggy when I got out of the procedure but I can kinda see now and that’s pretty cool

The bar is currently playing Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck

I especially love this little vegetable plot with a goldfish pond under it.

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What Linux distro should I put on my old MacBook Pro? Ubuntu? ElementalOS?

Shooting lasers directly into my eyeballs on Tuesday

I’m glad headphones were invented so I can be the only one who uses them

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