I’m posting selfies because I shaved my face for @luke_brown_21@instagram.com (I’ll let him tell you the story).
S1: What have I done?
S2: Baby face but make it fashion.

I mostly stream using @applemusic@instagram.com but here are some interesting @Spotify@instagram.com insights for the year. I’m a Sagittarius, so I found the star sign stat interesting!

I don’t know why I’m the only one pulling a face but them’s the brakes, I guess.

Look what @joesteel discovered this morning while we were recording the show …

Get you a person who sneakily takes photos while waiting patiently for you to take *entirely too long* to get ready.

Tried my hand at a gluten-free pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpskies. My favorite one yet!

It's not pineapple patterned (unfortunately), but I *did* end up purchasing a romper. It is far more comfortable than I was expecting and now I want romper pajamas.

Just found out my grandma uses two-factor authentication and I’ve never been more proud.

🚨 Today is National Key Lime Pie Day. 🚨

post. This is Luke. He’s a good dancer, my dogs like him more than me, he really likes broccoli, and he taught me to love koalas again. He’s the worst. 😊

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