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Dudecember, unfortunately, continues with ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ Recording tonight at 8 PDT.

Mast is the best Mastodon client I’ve tried ... but I miss being able to just single tap “like” something.

If I had known they were looking to hire “spox” instead of “Spocks” I would have dress a _lot_ differently for that interview.

Ep. 219: "We’re UHD Truthers"

It’s more like a mortadella than bologna.

Black Friday!

Okay, internet.

What’s your favorite Mac app made by Apple?

How about iOS?

Nah nah nuh nuh nuh nah
Baby give it up
Give it up
Baby give it up

You know how old Pitch Perfect is? In the movie, iTunes has a Ping sidebar.

RT It’s a good app.

Ep. 218: "Human Shameapede"

Save all your Loggins in 1Password.

Film Score and Music Draft

‎Grosse Pointe Blank by Dan Sturm on Apple Music

Since none of the multiple soundtracks are available in non-CD format, I made a playlist of everything from the film.

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