Ep. 232: "Tactically Unbuttoned"

They met at Señor Frog's.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)


Ep. 229: "Newspaper Uncle-Daddy"

Do you remember the beverage ‘Milk’?

The Phantom (1996)


Ep. 227: "I’m Always the Droid"

You don't understand the sincerity of a hug.

Solo: A Star Wars Story


Ep. 226: "An Alien Microwave"

What if it just turns you into bushes?

Annihilation (2018)


Ep. 225: "We’re Good Enough for the Gutter"

The Magic Eye of Canadian Accents.

Super Troopers 2


The iPhone camera bump will finally go away when the back side of the device is covered in 24 cameras.

Ep. 224: "A Falling Tide Makes the Whole World Blind"

I look like a bearded egg wearing an Edge beanie.

No movie


Hey, Folks. Remember our super cool t-shirts and hoodie from Cotton Bureau?

They’re now available On-Demand at defocused.co/shirt.

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