I’m using Twitter more after the mid term election. It’s still a bad place, but I’ve made it a little less frustrating. Mastodon had an active community initially, but my feed has mostly been @accessibleColors bot posts (the colors are soothing). Mast is certainly a much better client than what I started with, but I think something outrageous is going to have to happen again on Twitter to motivate people to try alternatives again.

@joesteel Ive noticed you and Dan suddenly got more quiet over here... well... Twitter has a lot of fun accounts, but I'm finally over missing quote-tweeting, which I think is actually one of the biggest issues with Twitter.

After pretty aggressively following interesting people over here I've found a nice little niche not unlike what I had over on the bird site.

I keep my account over there for emergencies when it's good to have that source of news. Otherwise, Tooting Forever! 😜

@tsturm I've noticed a drop off in posts from several (most?) of the people I follow here. Debating if I want to do a grooming to unfollow seemingly silent accounts. But, if I don't let the "follower/followee" ratio get in my head, logically what does it matter if I follow abandoned accounts? Maybe they'll come back and start posting interesting stuff at some point.

@Zach Same here. At the end, I don't mind following some people who are 98% on Twitter. They might come back as the garbage fire over there flares up again. 😜

@Zach But for me the move over here was totally worth it at the end. I'm now suddenly having more energy for my own projects. And I'm happier without a steady stream of rage tweets in my face.

I've realized how much I kept on hitting the quote-retweet button over there - a complete waste of energy. Quote-retweet turns everybody into a sarcastic monster.

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