I recently got started with Mastodon, and I found some things confusing. Other people signing up after me seem nearly as confused. I've put together everything I know so far about it in one spot.

@joesteel "original", last sentence of the "no quote toots" section.

@rmlewisuk I just went through and fixed a bunch. Apparently Byword had disabled the red underline I usually use as I'm hastily typing.

@joesteel This is an excellent post!

One typo: "honorous" should probably be "onerous".

@tsturm you may have loaded before I fixed that. There were so many typos. I really made a mess.

@joesteel this is fantastic!

Definitely the best introduction I've been able to find so far! 👍👍

@joesteel This is a really helpful overview. Thank you for taking the time to write it!

@joesteel Thanks for this! It was a nice quick rundown of what's going on with Mastadon

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