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Baby give it up
Give it up
Baby give it up

You know how old Pitch Perfect is? In the movie, iTunes has a Ping sidebar.

RT It’s a good app.

Ep. 218: "Human Shameapede"

Save all your Loggins in 1Password.

Film Score and Music Draft

‎Grosse Pointe Blank by Dan Sturm on Apple Music

Since none of the multiple soundtracks are available in non-CD format, I made a playlist of everything from the film.

Recording tonight at 8 PDT.

We’re drafting music and scores from movies that have covered in Defocused episodes over the last four years.

Good explainer video.
Hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar sits down for Wired to look at 26 different hacking scenes from movies and television to explain and break down the tropes and inaccurate representation of what he does for a living.

Preset: Chunky Text Scrolling | Zack Lovatt | 2d Technical Director

Ep. 217: "I May Not Even Like The People I'm Familiar With"

Craft services always comes home with me.

No movie.

If Apple ever needs to rest low light performance of their cameras, they should go to Bar Bandini because it’s like an existential abyss with votive candles.

“You Won’t Believe Each of These SNL Sketches From Last Night That We’ve Turned Into Individual Filler Pieces This Sunday Since There’s Nothing Noteworthy That’s Happened All Week Long” — Every Sunday blogger

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