People might wonder why I don’t unsubscribe from all the democratic candidate newsletters, and it’s just because I want to know my email account settings are working.

Unsolicited post to remind everyone that RV Player is hideous, has terrible default preferences, and Byzantine menus. 🤗

I paid guys to do yard work, and I spent the day breaking down boxes, cleaning the dish rack, and building a shelf. I’m so happy. All this fucking stupid garbage shit is done. Eat shit, responsibilities!

I guess the good news is that City of Glendale isn’t running a Mastodon instance.

Posted about my MacStories Automation April content entry on my blog.

Can I just go one goddamn day without walking through a spider web in this fucking house?!

With crypto crashing maybe I’ll be able to afford a video card

You can’t move that old salad dressing bottle from the refrigerator door because it’s structural.

restaurant detail, bedrock city, rts. 64 and 180, valle, arizona, 1987

UPS Mail Innovations - when you want a package to disappear into a black hole and traverse all of space and time without status updates and then suddenly maybe kind of deliver, hopefully

Honestly, I didn't realize the iPod touch was still being sold.

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