Is family sharing still a pain in the ass to use these days?

@aleen Is it easy to sum up the main annoyances? I’m mostly interested in sharing Apple Music, which I’m hoping is the least broken of the features.

@aleen Oh, it looks to be the case that even turning on sharing for Apple Music means the main account pays for all iTunes purchases for all family members? Annoying but maybe not a deal breaker. I’m guessing there are some other surprising annoyances in there.

@dan there's that. It's also impossible to tell if a family member has purchased an app unless you look at their app info in the App Store. IAP are still not shareable.

@dan For the basic stuff (payment, app sharing) it's fine. Annoyingly limited around things like photo library and storage pooling (nonexistent).

@ultranurd It’s a little dumb that I have go full Family Sharing in order to do just the family Apple Music plan, but it seems like that’s how it works. What do you think, overkill just for that?

@dan Nah... the mild convenience will be useful in a few cases and there's always unfounded hope it will improve!

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