Okay, internet.

What’s your favorite Mac app made by Apple?

How about iOS?

@dan For Mac it’s probably iMovie since I used it to make and share so many short videos of my kid with family. For iOS I think it’s Messages.

Mostly this question just made me realize how overdue for update most of their apps are, particularly on MacOS.

@dan Yeah, that’s honestly where the question came from. A conversation about how Apple’s destiny is kinda in other company’s hands since they’re no longer really making the best / fave apps for their own platforms.

@dan Yeah my immediate thoughts were non-Apple apps on both platforms. I’ve been dabbling with FCPX but I really want it on the iPad.

@dan See, I don’t want that app anywhere. Ha

@dan I understand people like Premiere (or are you an Avid guy?) but I didn’t want to pay Adobe monthly for eternity.

@dan I can’t afford to not have Creative Cloud as a tool in my toolbox for specific tasks / working with other people, but I don’t enjoy any part of it. Avid is the best editing app for Editing. If you need/want more than that, you’ll need additional tools. It depends on if you want a one-stop app or if you want to build a big professional capital-W Workflow.

@dan Does Avid have an iPad version? I’m so green with FCP it wouldn’t really hurt to switch on Desktop. And I’m already non-native for photo management so leaving Apple for video management wouldn’t be a big deal. Ha. Nooo. Avid was designed in 1988 and, while it has had many updates, it’s basically the same ugly app. They have an expensive pay-monthly Mac version, but I still use my standalone version from like 6 years ago. It’s one of those apps that nailed the important stuff 20 years ago and has been adding nice-to-have features ever since (which is why they suck at making money)

FCP and Premiere are similar in functionality. Avid is a different beast that not everyone really needs. I realize that’s not much of an answer and rather unhelpful, but it’s a bit complicated.

Avid’s way of doing things seems very antiquated compared to modern apps until you realize that the extremely rigid media management backend is super important for large, important projects with lots of media. It basically has like 8 buttons, and you can smash them as hard as you want and it won’t break. But if you want to work outside of it’s recommended methods, you’re gonna have a rough time.

@dan Hey, look at that. Since we both have the same short user name, I think Mast broke my reply stream. That’s super fun.

@dan My 2 Avid replies showed up as mentions?

@dan Nevermind I was confused, they didn’t show up just like you said. Thanks for the Avid lesson, I guess I’ll stick with FCP for now. If Apple continues to avoid putting their pro video app on iOS, maybe I’ll switch to Premiere and get over my Adobe allergy.

@dan Blech. Adobe Rush is fine but super limited. The syncing seems interesting but I haven’t tried it yet. That Lumafusion app looks like the best editor for iOS. My main problem with all of these apps is that they don’t play well with others and I need an open workflow. I need XML/AAF export.

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