I turned @rmlewisuk's Toot Bookmarklet into a Workflow Action Extension so I can use it in other apps on iOS.


Robb’s Bookmarklet:

If you want to use the Workflow, replace “feed.casa” in the Text step with the name of your Mastodon Instance.

@dan I'm not as Workflow-fluent as I'd like to be. Is there a way to capture the Mastodon authentication so I don't have to log in every time I run this workflow?


@CraigCottingham You should only have to log in once. it stays logged in for me.

If it’s giving you the login prompt every time, maybe try logging in through a regular Safari window.

If that still doesn’t save it, the only other thing I’ve done is I've added my mastodon instance website to my homescreen from Safari, which definitly saves my login credentials.

@dan Odd. I had to log in again the second time I ran the workflow, but not the third. I'm going to assume it's working correctly now. Thanks for this!

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