Can you even believe these things that occur

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Ep. 213: "Night Farmers Only Dot Com"

Did I forget to mention the knife-hands?

Logan (2017)

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WORLD: You guys really need to figure out how to make good chips for phones.

INTEL: How about we make a Core i9 for gamers?

WORLD: chips for phon...

INTEL: How about

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@dan Dominoes or donotminoes, there is no tryminoes.

Doritos or Donotritos, there is no Tryritos.

The Hurt Locker is a very good movie.

Is sourdough pizza dough a thing?

Also, follow up, the VOTE billboards are everywhere!

After 8 hours of rain, the storm dissipated, the sun came out, and the skies are as beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen.

Too bad literally everything else about this place sucks 99% of the time.

Near our freeway exit off the 10 is a giant billboard that just says “VOTE” and underneath has the election date in English and Spanish. I’ve never seen such a thing around here and it’s pretty great. No idea who’s behind it.

I miss Time Travel on my watch. Bring it back. Open this door (again), Apple.

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