I’ve kinda forgotten how this whole thing works over here but the Mast app keeps getting pretty good updates and is pretty nice to use.

Anyway, hello people of the Mirror Universe.

As Blood Runs Black:
* 3 albums
* 12 years
* 18 band members (not including touring musicians)


Allegiance is still amazing, though.

I swear there was a time when the internet was more than just a place where people shared stuff that made them mad.

The back end of the new CLA looks like a Passat.

I don’t really understand what happened to Bring Me the Horizon , but I somehow still like they music they’re making.

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Hey, Folks. Remember our super cool t-shirts and hoodie from Cotton Bureau?

They’re now available On-Demand at defocused.co/shirt.

Anyone have a tweetbot regex mute filter that mutes all tweets that have images with no additional comment in the tweet?

Asking for a friend who is me.

I don’t know what I did, but yay, my non-airplay devices came back in YouTube! I’m sure they’ll disappear again in another day or so.

Decided to give the Apple Music family plan a try. So far the setup process is going swimmingly.

Come on down to Ahwatukee, where folks take out their Lamborghinis on a Friday night and cruise on down to...Safeway.

I love filling out customer satisfaction surveys for basically anything I ever buy. Help you “improve” your service? Oh, buddy, will I ever.

Gary Busey in “Rookie of the Year” is a masterpiece garbage ‘90s cinema.

Seriously he’s so bad. It’s all SO bad.

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Ep. 219: "We’re UHD Truthers"

It’s more like a mortadella than bologna.

Black Friday!


Is family sharing still a pain in the ass to use these days?

Apple, sell me a stainless gold link bracelet watch band, you cowards!

Let 👏 me 👏 be 👏 an 👏 old 👏 man 👏

It’s a good app but don’t ever buy it, it’s terrible

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