I don’t know what I did, but yay, my non-airplay devices came back in YouTube! I’m sure they’ll disappear again in another day or so.

More grocery store Lambos in Tukee.

Decided to give the Apple Music family plan a try. So far the setup process is going swimmingly.

Come on down to Ahwatukee, where folks take out their Lamborghinis on a Friday night and cruise on down to...Safeway.

I love filling out customer satisfaction surveys for basically anything I ever buy. Help you “improve” your service? Oh, buddy, will I ever.

Gary Busey in “Rookie of the Year” is a masterpiece garbage ‘90s cinema.

Seriously he’s so bad. It’s all SO bad.

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Ep. 219: "We’re UHD Truthers"

It’s more like a mortadella than bologna.

Black Friday!


Is family sharing still a pain in the ass to use these days?

Apple, sell me a stainless gold link bracelet watch band, you cowards!

Let 👏 me 👏 be 👏 an 👏 old 👏 man 👏

It’s a good app but don’t ever buy it, it’s terrible

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Hey! You ever

look up at the

top of a Tree?

┓┏┓┏┓┃ / GTD!

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@dan For Mac it’s probably iMovie since I used it to make and share so many short videos of my kid with family. For iOS I think it’s Messages.

Mostly this question just made me realize how overdue for update most of their apps are, particularly on MacOS.

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Okay, internet.

What’s your favorite Mac app made by Apple?

How about iOS?

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