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Okay now I can’t stop thinking about nitro water. Is that a thing? I want some

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So, we’re definitely like 2 years from Safeway selling a Refreshe branded nitro seltzer or something.

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I tried a nitro Pepsi because curiosity got the better of me. I liked it. Well, as much as I like any soda. Which is not much these days. But I liked it better than a regular soda. So there’s that, I guess.

The butter knife glasses got me good a couple days ago and my ear is still hurting.

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My isight autotomation caught me in a meeting the other day. I don’t remember the topic, but it must have been a good one.

The problem with tuesday is that it’s basically wednesday which is the middle of the week which may as well be thursday and stuff is due on friday so it’s time to start panicking.

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I really like my new glasses but the ear bits are kinda tall and thin so it kinda feels like I got some plastic butter knives digging into the tops of my ears.

I feel like my kneecaps have gotten smaller. Is that a thing

Some day I’ll figure out how to modify a Hazel rule without accidentally sending myself 500 notifications in 10 minutes, but today is not that day.

Sure sex is cool, but have you ever unsynced a massive 1TB+ completed project from your Dropbox?

Sorry, I should save my complaining for the complaining app and save my Good Toots for this place. Stuff like “what do you call a chicken with 3 legs? steve"

There’s been a first-party Mastodon app for 8 months?? And nobody told me?? Wow, guys. I thought we were friends.

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